A throne made for a King – SecretLabs Titan (Amber)

Product Name: SecretLab Titan
Website: Get it Here!
How did I receive the Product?: Personal Purchase
Cost: $489 Canadian Paso’s (On Sale)

Founded in 2014 by Ian and Alaric, two competitive StarCraft II gamers whose backs and wrists were fatigued after long sessions in front of the computers. SecretLabs is on a mission to provide every computer user with a quality yet affordable chair.

Launching in may 2015 they quickly expanded to over 40 countries including US, Canada, UK, Australia, Singapore and Europe and South-East Asia.

SecretLabs offers (4) Product lines to suit everyone’s needs including: The THRONE, OMEGA, TITAN and the ultra-luxurious NAPA Series complete with 100% genuine, NAPA Leather for the, Rich AF gamers with no mentionable budget restrictions…. (Tri-SLI 1080TI for Minecraft kinda spender…)

Today we will be reviewing my personal experience with the SecretLabs Titan with sweet sweet Amber trim pictured above.

So lets begin…

…Before we do lets take one hilarious step back to appreciate what I am replacing.


Built in the 1970’s  this gem of the Nixon era has been my only office/gaming chair for the past 20 years.  My wife has been begging me to toss this into the trash, the cats are seriously obsessed with it, probably due to the animalistic smell of a 20 year old hunk of trash but man, was it comfortable – at least that’s what I kept telling myself.

So when I noticed ball bearings all over my office floor from this beautiful burnt orange ass bucket finally letting out its last breath, I floated the idea of a 489.00 office chair past my wife and I think she started to dance.

So lets take a look at the SecretLabs Titan Amber.


The chair showed up in a beautiful 73lb box complete with poster sized assembly instructions, beautifully protected pieces and all the tools needed to completely assemble the chair.  The hex key, included in the box, had a Philips head screw driver on the long arm of the hex key itself.  The packing was very carefully designed to make sure the chair showed up, regardless of how many times FedEx abused the box.  Mine showed up with obvious signs of abuse on the box itself, but not a scratch on the chair or any of its contents.


After purchase SecretLabs sends you an instructional video via email with your order confirmation including and a safety warning about not touching the back rest adjuster handle before assembling the back.  This is very important as the mechanism that provides tension on the backrest to move it forward will snap forward with great vigor and could potentially hurt you pretty bad.

Watch the assembly video here

They mention the chair assembly should take two chimps in a laboratory environment 20mins to complete.  Which was exactly what it took me to put it together with my wife providing excellent union style supervision and subtle critique. (She doesn’t read this blog obviously)

The chair went together with ease and the instructions were very clear.



The Secretlabs Titan is the largest of their chair line for the huskier, wider and taller gamers.  It features high density foam covered in a high quality PU leather, which is a combination of polyurethane and leather designed to mimic leather at a fraction of the cost.  The chair sits on a reinforced and super solid aluminum base.  Armrests adjust forward to back and rotate about 45 degrees side to side, they can also be adjusted below the chair to bring the arm frames closer or further away from the body.

It goes up and down as you would expect and can recline to an almost completely flat state.  I am of the heavier set variety of gamers weighing in at 18.5 stones and I feel completely safe and secure even in the lowest reclining position.

The casters are XL PU Coated, they seem good quality and glide with ease.

It also includes a lumbar support adjustment knob on the side but neither myself or my wife can tell the difference between no lumbar and full lumbar support.  Thankfully, I feel this chair is perfect the way it is and I don’t feel the need for any additional lumbar support.


This chair is for taller gamers between 5’7 and 6’5 and has a maximum rated weight of 286lbs.  For the record I am 6’1 and under that maximum weight.  Go do a stone to lbs conversion if ya want, I carry it well..


This chair is built better then most $1000 plus corporate office chairs I have seen around the workplace.  Everything is super solid, very heavy and durable.  The bonded leather is thick and the stitching is perfect.  I have no doubt this chair will live up to the test of time and abuse and should last for many years to come.


This is the single, most comfortable office/gaming chair I have ever sat in, the seat is long enough to go all the way down the back of my legs to almost my knee providing complete support.  The backrest adjustment has many locking positions to accommodate having the backrest more vertical when working/typing and a little reclined when playing games or watching YouTube videos.

The chair is nice and wide too and has wings near the bottom of the chair that almost hug your lower back like a cock-pit chair in an F1 car.

Spending hours on end at my desk for both work and play this chair has reduced tension in my back and relieved the sensation of fatigue from sitting for long periods.


Secret Labs offers a (2) Year warranty with their chairs which doesn’t include misuse such as cutting of the PU Leather.

You can direct your personal attorney HERE for more details.


If for some reason you decide this product is not for you they do offer returns under (2) categories.  (A) New and Unassembled and (B) Used and Undamaged.  For Category A there is a 10% restocking fee and (B) comes with a 30% fee and can scale if damage is noted on the returned items.  Returned items need to be in the original box and shipped back at the expense of the buyer.  Just keep this in mind since the chair weighs close to 80lbs in the original box.

Final Thoughts

If you have the money and are looking for an incredible gaming chair experience, I would highly recommend picking up the Titan from SecretLab.  Quality vs Price you are getting a great deal and this chair should last you a very long time.

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