Glorious Model O- Review – a Logitech G502 Convert’s Opinion

Product Name: Glorious Model O- Matte White Wired
Website: Get it Here!
How did I receive the product? Personal Purchase
Cost: $49.99 USD

In 2014 with no more then a $1000 budget and a supportive group of enthusiasts, Shazim Mohammad saw a problem, gaming hardware was primarily sold by a few major players for outrageous prices. He set out to change this by first releasing a mousepad and quickly evolving into, one the more iconic gaming mice to hit the market in the past 10 years, the Glorious Model-O. Promised to be high quality and at an affordable cost.

Regardless of your opinions on their products PC Gaming Race has forced the gaming industry as a whole to reduce their prices, my Logitech G502 from 5 years ago was close to $100 USD, my more recent Logitech G502 Hero was closer to $79.99 USD, gaming peripherals have seen a major price drop due to competition like PC Gaming Race and other smaller manufacturers delivering good products at reasonable prices.

Up until about a year ago, my daily driver for close to a decade was the Logitech G502, Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum and the Logitech G502 Hero. I have owned over four identical G502 mice and I considered it, up until recently, the cream-de-la-cream gaming mouse. At one point it was for good reason, a industry leading sensor, precision like no other, especially during the initial G502 launch it was so technically ahead of its competition in this area. I loved it, so much so I authored a blog about it, and still hold this mouse in a high regard but it is no longer my daily driver.

You can see my Logitech G704 Hero vs Logitech Proteus Spectrum Blog below.

Before we head down the road of reviewing the PC Gaming Race Model O-, it is important to set an expectation of my opinion, I therefore, present you…


Still weird but super important! FOR SCIENCE!

My hand is 7″ 7/8 middle finger to wrist and 3″ 3/4 palm at the largest part. I also utilize somewhere between the “Claw” and “Tip Grip”. Great article posted here that goes over the various grips and their strengths and weaknesses. Check it out Here!

As with all mouse reviews, we share the hand size, just another data point to consider while you determine if my opinions and experiences may apply to you.

My grip is somewhere between the tip grip and the claw grip. An excellent writeup where they explain the different grip types can be found on the website.

Glorious Model O-


The first thing I noticed after unpacking the Model O- was the weight even at 58g, it was light, much lighter then I was expecting and it took about 2 hours to get used to it before I felt comfortable. After I got used to it however, ill never go back.

The G502 as beloved a mouse as is was, was a brick, cinderblock block heck might as well have been Thor’s mighty hammer in comparison to the Model O-, it was like a vacation for the hand.

If however, you prefer a heavier mouse, little more substance, larger, better suited for palm grips of larger handed individuals, the G502 is still an absolute fantastic mouse but for me, I never really knew how much I wanted a lighter mouse.

Peripherals are no big deal to change, new mic, whatever, new keyboard meh, but a mouse? This is a as involved a process as changing ones religion. It’s not something you just do for the heck of it, years of muscle memory goes into your mouse. This is why, for the past decade I have never swayed from the G502, it just worked, but I am glad I have now.

I am a firm believer that a lighter mouse will make you a better gamer, period. This is a very general statement and yes individuality still applies but being able to move the mouse as if it has no mass whatsoever, makes it easier to react, snap, flick shots. For a competitive shooter, lighter is the way to go, for sure.

Just to make sure everyone hates me I have another resounding opinion. Batteries suck, I will always use a wired mouse for as long as possible, adds unnecessary weight and the only argument is the tugging of the mouse cable or if you use your whole arm and a 18ft mouse pad.

The Model O- solves this with an ultra light and thin mouse cable, similar to the new cable on the G502, it’s almost like it is not there, I don’t need a cable hook hanger thingy, I never feel its tug on my mouse any longer.

I do miss the mouse wheel of the G502, it had a free spin toggle option which i do miss for those infinite scroll webpages. In games however, i never used it in free spin mode and always had the step lock initiated so for gaming, i don’t really have any issues with the mouse wheel of the Model O-, the G502 is still better, better tactile feedback, precision but the other benefits, IE weight, still place the Model O- well in the lead over the G502.

The mouse gliders that come with it, the Model O- mentioned all the space age new tech that goes into them but for me they work great, that’s all I care about, 1 year into this mouse and the gliders are not showing any wear and Model O- does sell replacement pads, aftermarket ones exist for the true connoisseur of Teflon stickers.

The sensor is listed above, I find it as precise as the Logitech G502 Hero and that sensor was fantastic. This would have been a deal breaker for me so I am glad it was as good, at least to my senses, but in reality sensor technology has advanced so far that even differences between them will be hard to measure in a video game. If you are sticking with a quality sensor you can’t really go to wrong and the Model O- definitely has a quality sensor.

You can’t seem to get away from RGB so yes, this mouse lights up like a damn Christmas tree. The airy, honey comb shell works well to show off the RGB lights.


Good news, this mouse will work without any additional software, and is designed to not need it, however, if you need a little more, GUI, the Model O- does have you covered.

Enough options to hang yourself but not enough options to need a degree in option theory. DPI settings, profiles, incase you need more then 5 DPI settings I guess? Maybe different RGB modes in each profile? Man the world is truly mad with RGB.

Anyway, it works, works well and I don’t mind having it available for when I want to impress my wife with color coordination between my KB, Mouse etc.


I love it. Lighter mouse is the way to go for sure, at least for me, and maybe you? Worth a try. Arguably reactions get slower as we age, I don’t really believe this to be true for the average gamer or myself, maybe the top .01% of competitive gamers, but we don’t game as much, so having a mouse that’s lighter helps me respond quicker and keep up with these hopped up kids playing Fortnite 18 hours a day.

This has now been my daily driver for about a year and I will not be going back to the G502 any time soon. I still love the mouse and if you prefer a heavier mouse, you can’t do much better then the G502 but for a light mouse the Glorious Model O- is fantastic priced right and like I said, a vacation for your hand.

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