Logitech G502 Hero. Is it better then the G502 Proteus Spectrum?

Product Name: Logitech G502 Hero
Website: Get it Here!
How did I receive the product? Personal Purchase
Cost: 79.99 USD

Logitech is considered by many gamers, casual and pro players alike, as one of the best peripheral manufacturers. I have not had extensive experience with ALL of their product lines however, for the past 11 years, since 2008, I have had the pleasure of owning (3) separate, perfect and identical G502 mice..maus.. mouseses??? I have even said if Logitech ever decided to discontinue the G502 I would immediately purchase a dozen more just to have around for the next 40 years of gaming, lasting long after carpal tunnel has withered my frantic mouse clicking hand away into a vegetative state.

Mouse selection is a very personal thing, we all have different hand sizes and perceive comfort and function differently. For me at least the G502 was my holy grail mouse. The size perfect, the amount of buttons relevant and useful, the customizable options for weight, DPI and polling rate greatly exceeded my needs. It has also been a known fact in the industry that Logitech mouse sensor was the best. It was, in my opinion, the perfect mouse. So when Logitech decided, ya know, to screw with perfection, I decided to take a look.

Before we get down and dirty with the new Logitech G502 Hero lets set some baselines for my personal hand situation so it can assist you in judging if this mouse is a good fit.


Something about sharing my hand in such intimate detail feels, well, wrong, but here we are, FOR SCIENCE! I have a fairly large hand some might say, they would be correct, and I have never felt shame about the size and shape of my hand until I was zooming in on it in photoshop to add the measurements.

My hand is 7″ 7/8 ring finger to wrist and 3″ 3/4 palm at the largest part. I also utilize somewhere between the “Claw” and “Tip Grip”. Great article posted here that goes over the various grips and their strengths and weaknesses. Check it out Here!

I believe it’s important to point out the details of my hand and grip so you can judge if my experience will relate to you.

The G502 Hero

The G502 Hero is, in a practical sense, identical to the G502 with a few small changes. This is great for me as I really enjoyed the original G502 and transitioning was extremely easy. The largest change is the new, state of the art, Hero Sensor from Logitech, more durable switches, 1 year less warranty and a higher cost. Also, worth mentioning is a thinner braided cable and a G502 HERO Wireless variant, the first wireless G502 mouse to date. With not much change compared to the previous wired G502, is this worth the higher cost or early upgrade?








Max Accel.

Max Speed






G502 Hero

132 mm

75 mm

40 mm

121 g


100 – 16000 DPI

40 G

400 IPS

>250 kilometers

50 Million Clicks

5 Profiles

2 Years

$79.99 USD

G502 Proteus Spectrum

132 mm

75 mm

40 mm

121 g


200 – 12000 DPI

40 G

400 IPS

~250 Kilometers

20 Million Clicks

3 Profiles

3 Years

$47.98 USD

The HERO Sensor

Personally, since I felt the original G502 has approached perfection the identical nature of the shape, weight, buttons and tuning software really appealed to me. The largest noticeable and really only relevant change is the HERO Sensor. The marketeering video from Logitech featured above does a good job at going over the improvements.

I never considered the original G502 sensor to be lacking, it too was a zero-acceleration high DPI sensor however the HERO sensor promises to improve on the tracking, sensitivity and accuracy while also consuming a fraction of the power, more relevant when looking at the wireless version.

So far, I am really enjoying the new sensor, my mouse felt more responsive and micro adjustments seem to be much easier with pixel accuracy.

Doing a quick “Click Speed” accuracy test, available Here! I was able to score pretty well on my first attempt and found it easy to score the middle of the targets even with fast, time sensitive tests.

During gameplay I felt it much easier to micro adjust when over aiming and flick to new targets with more precision then the previous mouse.

I hope this is not a halo effect of owning a new mouse or my mind playing tricks on me, but I do feel a considerable improvement with this new sensor.

G502 Hero Fit and Finish

The G502 features a soft to the touch non slippery coating, I do not have a sweaty hand problem so I cannot contest to extreme conditions however it feels very secure in my hand.

The mouse features 11 Fully Programmable buttons, I really only use the top two thumb buttons, one for in game chat, one for Discord chat. I also have my mouse set to a single DPI setting and do not change DPI settings on the fly with the DPI selector buttons.

The mouse wheel has (2) modes, a smooth as silk fly wheel mode where the wheel spins almost endlessly and a stepping mode where there is a very secure and satisfying click to each incremental advancement of the mouse wheel.

The Mouse wheel also tilts left and right acting as a button for additional commands. I do not use this function and feel that it is hard to click the mouse wheel to left or right without accidently spinning the wheel. The wheel can also be pressed down like most traditional mouse acting as a Mouse 3 click.

The thumb rest is very comfortable and features a soft texture design for added grip. A lot of mice have a very large thumb rest and I find this one to be a perfect side for my hand.

The buttons are high quality switches rated for 50 Million clicks and no difference in the left vs right mouse button. The feel is remarkable and even at extremely fast clicking I feel totally in control of each mouse click. The left and right finger buttons respond extremely well regardless of where you happen to lay your hand, far down near the end or up closer to the body, the amount of effort and control are identical.

It also includes a weight kit for adding up to an additional 18g of weight in 3.6g increments to the mouse. Not a feature I use, as I prefer a lighter mouse but it’s there if you need it.

There is RGB too. That’s all I’m going to say about the infectious RGB virus plaguing the industry.


One of the biggest problems I see with this mouse is just how identical it is to previous generations. They really haven’t changed much. I personally love this as I was very comfortable with the G502 Proteus Spectrum but consumers might not see the value for money especially if they already own the original G502.

Is the sensor worth the upgrade? It really depends on your budget, desire to acquire the latest technology and upgrade cycle of your current mouse.

If you are in the market for a new gaming mouse, I would definitely recommend the Logitech G502 HERO or, if your needs are different, any gaming mouse from Logitech featuring the HERO sensor. This is a no joke, most accurate sensor in the market and worth a consideration just on this point alone. If you are not in the market for an upgrade or your current mouse is great and you don’t have the budget, you may want to consider holding off, especially if you already own a previous generation G502.

With that said I am happy I made the upgrade and really enjoying this new mouse that was easy to transition too with zero learning curve because of the similarity to the previous generation.


Identical to previous generations fit and finish

HERO Sensor is a big deal! The only reason to consider a direct upgrade from the G502 Proteus Spectrum.

Thinner cable, less kinking risk

More on board memory Profiles 5 vs. 3


Identical to previous generations fit and finish

Only 2 Year Warranty, down from 3 Years in previous generations

The previous sensors are still considered very good

Does 16000 DPI really matter?

The G502 Proteus Spectrum is still a fantastic mouse

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